gromit knits

Intro Post

I believe it was ivo_shandor I met briefly at Origins. He was knitting a wicked cool Gryfindor tabi sock during one of my husband's games. Of course I had to visit to see the knitting action (much to my husband's dismay LOL). Anyway, he told me about the community and here I am.

I think this picture sums up a lot of my knitting. The "love" fingerless glove is part of the "dice love" pair. That is a knit d4, and a couple of reversible doubleknit dice bags are peeking in the picture (the green and white "go play" logo and a "burning wheel" in the background).

darth teacher

comic books?

So, if you're reading, whatcha readin?

I'm heavy into Marvel, particurlarly X-Men (First Class and Endangered Species amoung that), Amazing Spiderman (Back in BLACK!!!), Anita Blake (yeah, yeah, read books - on my checklist), MIghty Avengers, Gunslinger Born (Squee pretty art love you Jae Lee), Blade, and Omega Flight.  And because Joss Whedon owns my soul, I'm also reading a lot of Dark Horse- Buffy Season Eight!

What floats your boat, comic fiends?