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Gaming and Knitting...and other stuff.'s Journal
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Tuesday, September 11th, 2007
7:28 pm

Debbie Stoller's coming out with a new Stitch and Bitch!

Son of Stitch and Bitch

November 22nd.

crossposted everywhere cuz it's dang exciting.

Thursday, August 9th, 2007
1:34 pm
Stitch n Bitch at GenCon
For anyone attending the upcoming GenCon, there's a group planning a knitting get-together during the con. Planners are organizing on indyknit. I won't be able to make it, but some of you might.
Wednesday, July 25th, 2007
9:38 pm
Random Thought
2 Vampire Stakes + Sand Paper = Size 17 Knitting Needles

Current Mood: Completely Random
7:30 am
Intro Post
I believe it was ivo_shandor I met briefly at Origins. He was knitting a wicked cool Gryfindor tabi sock during one of my husband's games. Of course I had to visit to see the knitting action (much to my husband's dismay LOL). Anyway, he told me about the community and here I am.

I think this picture sums up a lot of my knitting. The "love" fingerless glove is part of the "dice love" pair. That is a knit d4, and a couple of reversible doubleknit dice bags are peeking in the picture (the green and white "go play" logo and a "burning wheel" in the background).

Sunday, July 15th, 2007
2:37 pm
comic books?

So, if you're reading, whatcha readin?

I'm heavy into Marvel, particurlarly X-Men (First Class and Endangered Species amoung that), Amazing Spiderman (Back in BLACK!!!), Anita Blake (yeah, yeah, read books - on my checklist), MIghty Avengers, Gunslinger Born (Squee pretty art love you Jae Lee), Blade, and Omega Flight.  And because Joss Whedon owns my soul, I'm also reading a lot of Dark Horse- Buffy Season Eight!

What floats your boat, comic fiends?

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007
11:23 pm
First post.
The popular Japanese RPG Final Fantasy VIII has a certain, um, character with a certain outfit that has never been knit before. And I mean knit... and finished.


I give you my completely hand-knit Rinoa Heartilly duster, soon to be blocked and otherwise topped off with a pair of armwarmers until I get the numb feeling out of my fingers.

COSPLAY: The money-eating, time-consuming god of all hobbies.Collapse )
Wednesday, February 28th, 2007
12:10 pm
Hey guys! My summer dice bag is going to be in the 2008 Pattern a Day calendar!!

pics!Collapse )

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007
4:47 am
For your viewing pleasure. Tina! pt 4
Last part, you can breathe a sigh of relief now. *G*

Tina's Journal, part 4Collapse )

cross-posted to my journal
4:44 am
For your viewing pleasure. Tina! pt 3
on to the next part!

Tina's Journal, part 3Collapse )

cross-posted to my journal
4:40 am
For your viewing pleasure! Tina! pt 2
And part two of the diary....[four parts total, you can run screaming now...LOL]

Tina's Journal, part 2Collapse )

cross-posted to my journal
4:14 am
For your amusement....Tina! pt 1
Okay, I was looking through my gaming folder this morning, and came across the diary I did for one of my RP characters, a cute little air-headed girl named Tina. So, I thought, "what the heck?" and decided to post it....

Some background....

This was a Chronicles of Amber game, Tina was what was considered "lost in Shadow", that is she was raised not knowing she was related to either a chaosian or an amberite [player-wise I didn't want to know either, it's easier that way when you're playing someone who doesn't. Unfortunately the game didn't last long enough for me to find out...LOL] In Tina's diary, the Lotus = the Logrus [the Chaosian's version of the pattern. From the descriptions I've read, kind of think about a multi-tentacled blob that can be used to reach across dimensions and grab stuff for the wielder. The "Maddie" that keeps getting mentioned was someone placed to watch Tina, I think, and posing as a maid in her household.

For those *not* in the know, to be *extremely* simplistic, Shadow is essentially alternate dimensions, Chaos and Amber are the polar opposites [and yes, they're places] and the template that Shadows are based on. [for what it's worth, Earth is considered a Shadow too. LOL] The Pattern and the Logrus are used by Amberites and Chaosians respectively, and can be used to go from one Shadow to another, as well as to Chaos and Amber. Chaosians are shapeshifters, since the Logrus is essentially highly unstable, so you have to be a shapeshifter to keep up with the changes when initially walking it [basically Pattern and Logrus are patterns on the floor that one walks, and has the power when they're finished].

Now that I've totally confused you I'm sure...on with the diary!! LOL

Tina's Journal, part 1Collapse )

cross-posted to my own journal
Sunday, October 1st, 2006
1:42 pm
gaming and knitting! HUZZAH! I love to knit and I love to game. I DnD, I love board games like Powergrid, and Betrayal at house on hill, card games are great, I've played both Dnd minis and star wars minis and im not sure how I feel about those, and I love video games. I love knitting an crochet, I also sew. I am going to school for fashion design, and let me tell you, not enough gamers, they all take themselves too seriously, they don't want to create, they want to be the next channel or whoever they love. uh, ok, my intro turned into a rant, sorry. ^-^
Saturday, August 19th, 2006
4:04 pm

Alright ladies, I need some suggestions for yarn shops in Vacouver and south of Vancouver.  My Canadian boyfriend has decided I shall go with him to his mother land and I made him promise that we'd visit game shops and yarn shops.

Who can help me out?

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006
10:48 am
I have a knitting question
Where can I get a yarn baller and How do I use it? I discovered that I prefer balls of yarn instead of the pull skeins due to knots I get. Where can I find a good one?
Tuesday, June 27th, 2006
10:56 am
knit theory
I found this article very fascinating.


Current Mood: amused
Thursday, June 8th, 2006
9:59 am
New Member and a Request
Even though I have been watching the group, I hadn’t decided to join it for whatever reason, until today.

I am working on a simple campaign and I have decided to follow the advice of Johnn Four of Roleplaying Tips and I am writing a newsletter for the campaign.

Instead of just writing something almost dry, I am adding gossip, rumors and legends as well. As part of these not-quite-accurate reports, I am looking for phrases about various monsters that may or may not be accurate… You know as friends would tell each other to show off or whatever.

To make an example: Let’s assume that for game purposes, Vampires are not averted by garlic, crosses and running water. However, because Thunderhill the Dwarf happened to have been eating garlic and running past running water and a cross at the time the vampire stopped chasing him (incidently, the reason would have been it was a mere hour until dawn and he had to return to his location) and ran away, Thunderhill assumes it was the Garlic or the Cross or the running water or all three that frightened the vamp away and he starts telling everyone this revealing information. Starting a rumor that eventually gets people killed because they think they are protected.

I want something like that! Anyone have any ideas for Ogres, Kobolds, gnolls, and other monsters killable by a party of players at first level making about a party of CR 3 or so?

Oh yeah, might also tell you. This is DND v.3.5 in case that helps any… which I don’t think it will matter.

Thanks for any comments with suggestions or quotes I can use!

[Go Knitting! Go Gaming! Woohoo!!!!]

Current Mood: blank
Sunday, May 28th, 2006
8:07 pm
just in case you've never seen it... I can relate...
Friday, May 26th, 2006
3:42 am
Maytilda, DOA
Well, it had to happen eventually. We were hogging space on someone else's account, for Asheron's Call, and they finally have to let them go.

So, I went in and did some rearranging and was a big old tourista and took pics of my char and our houses and such. heh Whoever ends up with our houses are in for a BIG surprise, not the least of which is in mine. [when you purchase a house, if the previous owner left stuff in there, it's still there for you.] AC had something that was essentially monetary notes. the highest being 250,000 [I *believe* that's what it's worth, it's MMD...heh And yes, they did use Roman numerals to number the denominations], and in my house chest there's....130 of them. Oh yes, whoever ends up with my house is *so* not going to have money problems for a bit. hehheh

I should go back and get at least one pic of the hubby's char too.....heh

[also posted to my journal. ^_^]

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Thursday, May 18th, 2006
12:45 pm
What our take on it?
Alright, so...

The Wii. What's everyone's opinions on this?

I personally, am interested. Or, was highly interested and then less interested because their marketing ploy with this one seems annoying low-balled. I was very interested in a new controller. As a person with small hands, I can't even hold onto the original X-box controller and still be able to reach all the buttons. So a controller meant for everyone, that's already wireless, sounds like a great idea to me. Games, I'm "eh" about. I have a childhood connection to Nitendo, if they come out with any storyline mario game or mario parties, I'll buy those and try to find some other interesting titles. I'm a tad weird in my game tastes anyway. Marketing ploy...that's annoying. They're specifically marketing the games to women and "other non-gamers." What makes women non-gamers, in the first place? We are the fastest growing group of video game players on the market at this point. I hate it when game groups specifically say "We're trying to get women to play video games" because- drumroll please- we already do play video games. And then, the games that they are specifically making seem so stereotypically middle-school-girl-antics based that I just want to beat people over the head with a system. Think Nitendogs with more bows. I mean, come on, some times a girl just wants to shoot stuff, and blow up buildings. Wanna market games towards women? Make your female protaganists a body shape that could actually stand up in Earth's gravity.

*End Rant*

Sorry, got a bit carried away. Please, input your opinions. Inquiring mind wants to know. :)
Sunday, May 7th, 2006
7:00 am
Saturday Still Life
Here's a still-life that sums up my Saturday nights - a pair of socks (well, one and a cuff) perched atop a stack of gaming books. When the game gets slow, I knit.

Roll your Spot check!Collapse )

I gotta start knitting simpler stuff at gaming though, combat starts and I havta frog a couple of rounds for messing up the pattern. Maybe another level or two I'll get that second action so I can knit and attack in the same round.

Pattern: Sixth Sense, current project in the Sox Sox Knitalong
Yarn: Tip-Toe Sock Yarn by ColorJoy, color Seaside

crossposted to starsongky

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